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Viktorija Rybakova, Book Bar (2013), NOW at Six chairs books

Photo: Rasos Juškevičiūtė


V. Putvinskio 56, Kaunas


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new arrivals    #ARTS OF LIVING#

"Arts of Living On a Damaged Planet" Ed. Tsing, Swanson, Gan, Buhbnadt; Minnessota UP, 2017.

"Biogea" Michel Serres; Univocal, 2012.

"Manifestly Haraway" Donna J. Haraway; Minnesota UP, 2016.

"On the Mode of Existence of Technical Objects" Gilbert Simondon; Univocal, 2017

"Improper Life" Timothy C. Campbell; Minnesota UP, 2011;

"When Species Meet" Donna J. Haraway; Minnesota UP, 2008

"No Speed Limit" Steven Shaviro; Minnesota UP, 2015

FOURTEEN by Algirdas Šeškus


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