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Author: Algirdas Šeškus, Gintaras Didžiapetris (ed.)
Title: TV
Publisher: Lithuanian National Radio and Television
Subject: Artists' books

What you might take in your hands, is a selection of photographs made by Algirdas Šeškus while at work as a camera operator at the National Television. All of the images were made between 1975 and 1985. The book is published on the occassion of the 60 year anniversary since the first television broadcast in Lithuania

By the way - for the whole summer Šeškus' photographs are presented at the Documenta 14! Go Athens, go Kassel.

30.00 EUR

Bas Jan Ader: Discovery File 143/76

Author: Marion van Wijk and Koos Dalstra (eds.)
Publisher: New Documents
Subject: Monographs, Artists' Books

In 1976, Bas Jan Ader’s boat, the Ocean Wave, was found unmanned and partially submerged 150 miles off the coast of Ireland by a Spanish fishing vessel. The Dutch artist’s boat was taken to La Coruna for investigation. Days later, the boat was stolen and the cult of Ader, whose body was never recovered, was truly cemented. In this volume, artists Marion van Wijk and Koos Dalstra, compile ten years of research into this unsolved mystery. The Spanish police report documenting the theft is reproduced in facsimile alongside a translation into English, many pages of additional documentation, and the transcriptions of interviews produced during the editors’ investigations.

45.00 EUR

Mr. Peanut Drawings

Author:  Vincent Trasov, Jeff Khonsary (ed.)
Title: Mr. Peanut Drawings
Publisher: New Documents
Subject: Artists' Books, Artists' Writings 

In 1970, Trasov assumed the identity of Mr. Peanut, donning a handmade paper mache replica of the mascot of the Planters Peanut Company. Soon after, he produced The Mr. Peanut Mayoralty Campaign of 1974, a twenty-day performance developed in collaboration with members of the Vancouver arts community. The legume quickly became Trasov’s cipher and central component of his practice. Mr. Peanut Drawings collects nearly a hundred of Trasov’s Peanut drawings together with a text by Nancy Tousley.

40.00 EUR

Body Starting to Change

Author: Elena Narbutaitė
Publisher: CAC Vilnius
Subject:  Artists' Books

Body Starting to Change is a conversation on music between two artists. When in 1960s despite the official ban foreign radio stations gained in availability within USSR, the newscasts and political comments broadcasted by them became an important part of alternative education. Musical programmes were of no less or perhaps of even more importance as they exposed the vitality of youth culture (or subculture) behind the Iron Curtain. Deimantas Narkevičius shares his musical experiences with Elena Narbutaitė, starting with this period of ‘catching waves’ and continuing until 1993, when the introduction to the London music scene became the turning-point (sooner or later experienced by many) in the artist’s relationship to the changing urban culture. The publication includes watercolours by Elena Narbutaitė, the reproduction of the cover of Satori, an album by Flower Travelling Band, stills from July 20, 2015, the new film by Narkevičius, and graphics by Mark Geffriaud.

5.00 EUR

Grey, But not Grey

Author:   Algirdas Šeškus 
Title: Grey, But not  Grey
Publisher: Kaunas photography gallery / Galerie du Château d'Eau
Subject: Artists' Books

Vilnius based artist Algirdas Šeškus (b. 1945) is often cited by the texts on art criticism and the history of photography to mark the breaking stage in Lithuanian photography.

The artist made his debut in 1980 during the young photographers’ exhibit in Vilnius, held by the Union of Lithuanian Art Photographers. The very first of his showcased photos revealed a new phenomenon challenging Soviet culture.

However, his art has not as of yet received a comprehensive analytical investigation and appraisal. A recent dialogue with the artist breaking the silence of nearly thirty years was inspired by his retrospective at the National Art Gallery in Vilnius, where the works of Algirdas Šeškus – the pioneer of Lithuanian photography avant-garde were on.

By the way - for the whole summer Šeškus' photographs are presented at the Documenta 14! Go Athens, go Kassel.

20.00 EUR

The George Kuchar Reader

Author:  Andrew Lampert (ed.)
Title: The George Kuchar Reader
Publisher: Primary Information
Subject: Artists' Writings 

Despite being a consummate polymath, George Kuchar (1942–2011) is best known as a pioneering underground film and video maker with a disarming do-it-yourself aesthetic and a hilariously eccentric sensibility. Quirky and ingenious, heartfelt and campy, Kuchar’s movies know no boundaries and are an entirely unique development in the history of cinema. The artist’s characteristic instinct for kitsch, his humor and conceptual brilliance, were not confined to the screen alone; they can be glimpsed in all the activities he carried out throughout his life. The George Kuchar Reader, edited by Andrew Lampert, collects a wide swath of previously uncollected and newly unearthed writings and visual work, including essays, comics, drawings, paintings, photographs, film stills, scripts, movie blurbs, correspondence, letters of recommendation for his students, documentation of his UFO sightings, excerpts from his dream journal, selections from his private notebooks and much more.


32.00 EUR

The Metaphysics Of Beer: A Symposium Of Humans And Microorganisms

Author:   Vytenis Burokas
Title: The Metaphysics Of Beer:  A Symposium Of Humans And Microorganisms
Publisher: &editions
Subject: Artists' Writings 

Rather than merely cite and quote his research, the artist stages an increasingly drunken discussion between himself and a crowd of philosophers, scientists, and theoreticians.  In the play, Burokas ventriloquises, and is inhabited by, a strange constellation of characters who have all dealt with the properties of the clinamen in some way, including the philosophers Aristotle, Epicurus, Lucretius, Julia Annas, and Michel Serres, the scientists Henri Poincaré and Ilya Prigogine, and the composers and theorists John Rahn and Michel Dellvile, amongst many other voices. (text by Post Brothers)

12.00 EUR

Nuotraukos dokumentams / Photographs for Documents

Author:   Vytautas V. Stanionis, Gntautas Česonis (ed.)
Title: Nuotraukos dokumentams / Photographs for Documents
Publisher:  Kaunas photography gallery
Subject: Artists' Books

"This book’s folio design is shaped by its content: Lithuanian identification photographs from 1946, when citizens were required to get new, Soviet documents. What’s distinctive about these images—taken by Vytautus V. Stanionis’s father, also named Vytautus—is that, to save money and materials, each print features two people side-by-side, to be sliced in half for individual use. Photographs for Documents highlights the strangeness of this arrangement by using only gatefold pages, each folding out to reveal a second, silent portrait partner—both "hiding and revealing the gist of the book," says Todd Hido. The viewer is left to speculate on both the relationship between subjects—are they family? Strangers?—and on their fates.”

35.00 EUR